Keeping your websites up to date

One thing that is often overlooked when choosing a website hosting provider is updates and upgrades. With most hosting providers the responsibility lies with the client to make sure the website is kept up to date with any security, performance or features updates.

I'll do it myself

Most content management systems provide a way to update the system and its plugins simply by clicking a button within the control panel. Whilst this works more often than not it sometimes doesn‘t, resulting in a broken website.

For that reason clients are rightly wary of updating their website themselves. Also, it could be months before a client accesses their control panel to add or edit content so they may very well be unaware of the need to apply any updates.

Most updates for CMS's and plugins are just minor bug fixes, tweaks or enhancements which will have little or no visible impact on your website so you might wonder what the big deal is. However, aside from always being a good thing to repair any bug and everyone likes performance improvements and new features, there are sometimes critical updates with major repercussions for the security of your website and your users if they are not applied.

Managed web hosting service

This is why I only offer what I call a “managed website hosting service” keeping your content management system and plugins up to date and secure. As a side effect of keeping all of my clients’ websites’ software current, I am also able to run the latest server operating systems and web server software, further enhancing security and performance.

Backups are an often overlooked aspect of hosting. It is easy to assume that your hosting provider is keeping daily backups of your site but often it is the client‘s responsibility to do so or your hosting provider might only keep infrequent backups.

My hosting packages are set up to keep daily backups for 30 days with further archives kept for 12 weeks so rest assured if there are any issues that there is a restore point in the not too distant past that’s available.

Value for money website hosting

I don’t claim to be the cheapest web host but I am not competing or providing the same service as the cheapest. As an example I have just spent the last 2-3 weeks fine tuning performance on all WordPress hosted websites and transferring them to a new HTTP/2 enabled web server as well as performing major upgrades for Craft CMS hosted websites from version 2 to version 3 which were very time consuming as they did not offer an automatic update option and could only be performed manually.

All of these websites have benefitted greatly from the performance boost of running newer software on newer hosting infrastructure.

And finally...

No call centres. No anonymous ticketing system. Got a problem? Pick up the phone, send an email or even call in the office and talk to someone who is physically dealing with your website and knows it inside out.

I am proud to say the service is a cut above normal website hosting services so get in touch and try a better way to host your website.

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