It's time to secure your website

I have previously written about the importance of SSL security certificates to keep your website and your visitors secure. Even if the security element wasn’t a good enough reason for you to do so (it is!) there were also SEO benefits.

The day has come

Today, with the release of Chrome 68, Google are actively marking websites which are not secured with a SSL certificate as being "Not Secure".

Look at the screenshots below to see the difference in the user experience when visiting a website that is not secure compared to one that is. The benefit is now made crystal clear for your visitors.

Screen Shot 2018 07 25 At 11 57 23

Screen Shot 2018 07 25 At 11 57 41

HTTP/2 by default

In addition to securing all of the websites I host for clients with a SSL security certificate by default I have upgraded all of my servers to the latest HTTP/2 protocol which is not only faster than HTTPS but also the non-encrypted HTTP protocol. Don’t just take my word for it, see a performance comparison for yourself.

Get in touch today if you are interested in my encrypted website hosting services.

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