The IP address was already used for trialing - KernelCare

Recently I had installed the KernelCare extension for Plesk which seemed an useful addition to a server. All seemed to be well until I started to receive an email from the server every four hours a month after enabling the extension.

The message had the subject “Cron <root@tatooine> /usr/bin/kcarectl --auto-update” with the simple message “The IP was already used for trialing on *date*”.

On investigation I found that the extension required a monthly subscription. Albeit not a large amount I felt that everything was running fine as it was so I decided to disable the extension.

However, still the notifications came. I then tried to re-enable the extension and disable the auto-update feature. This didn't help. Finally I deleted the extension and still the emails came!

Now this has been driving me nuts but I finally stumbled on this topic in the Plesk forums which although didn't have the full solution lead me on the right path.

By running the following command I was able to see that KernelCare itself had not been removed:

yum list installed | grep kernelcare

So all I did was run the following command:

yum remove kernelcare

This completely removed KernelCare, stopped the emails and restored my sanity!

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