PHP 7 now available for even faster website hosting!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that a major new version of the server-side scripting language, PHP 7 is available for websites hosted on D13 Creative servers.

PHP 7 has a host of new features and improvements but the most notable from my clients’ perspective is that it is up to twice as fast as the previous stable release version, PHP 5.6.

Websites which are upgraded to PHP 7 will therefore notice a significant improvement in performance on what is already fast website hosting. In general these will be websites that run on content management systems such as WordPress or Craft.

As part of my hosting service I keep installations of CMSs up to date with security updates etc which means that in all likelihood every client site will work smoothly on the new version (or at least only need some slight modifications) meaning that you can benefit right away.

If you’re currently hosted elsewhere and would like to improve the performance of your site consider switching over to D13 Creative and please get in touch. Having a fast website means having happy customers!

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