Fast, reliable web hosting

Choosing website hosting can be a daunting task. With so many hosting companies to choose from, deciding who to go with is difficult enough, let alone which package. Windows? Linux? Beginner? Business? Basic? Unlimited? The options are endless.

Keeping it simple

The reality is, all the client really cares about is that they need somewhere that they can host their website for the minimal outlay and for the maximum reliability and efficiency. The vast majority of small to medium sized businesses do not need "unlimited" hosting space and resources, aside from the fact that the reality is there is no such thing. These packages always have conditions to protect the hosting company.

Also, in my experience of designing and building websites over 10 years, clients do not want the hassle of uploading their sites or any modifications themselves and dealing with any configuration issues. With the big hosting companies you are left to your own devices to make sure that your website or application runs smoothly.

As part of any web design work I carry out for a client I offer a web hosting account on my servers, but I also offer this service to anyone who has an existing website but wants a reliable, fast hosting environment without the hassle.

What do you get?

As much resources as you need—not unlimited—but more than enough. If you need a huge amount of storage for files or media, for example, keeping it on your web server is probably not your best option. There are other services available for that, e.g. YouTube or Vimeo for video. Also, quite often the storage used is high because images have not been optimised properly for web—again, something we can look into.

My servers only host my clients. You will not be sharing the the server with 1000s of other clients, and because I care about the performance aspect I make sure that no website on the server can be responsible of the degradation of performance for others.

Most websites these days run on a content management system such as WordPress. These systems find security flaws from time to time which need updates to correct. As part of the service I can also keep your system up to date with the latest security updates.

Talk to me

Finally, one of the main aspects of my web hosting service which has proven incredibly popular is that clients can pick up a phone and talk to me directly. No convoluted ticketing system, no remote call centre, just a straightforward phone call to the man in charge.

So, what are you waiting for, call me today!

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