Milton Keynes Geek Night All Dayer

Another month, another conference. After the joys of Handheld I hadn't planned on attending any—at least not this early—in the year but was tempted by the line up and the number of friends that were attending.

It certainly didn’t disappoint. The speakers were excellent, the highlights for me being Jon Hicks and his talk about ‘Sheds’, Brendan Dawes on ‘The combination of all things’ and a thoroughly entertaining Q&A session with Brendan, Christopher Murphy, Rachel Shillcock and Keir Whitaker.

Jon and Brendan are extremely talented individuals who speak in a manner that is entertaining and inspiring in equal measure so it was a real pleasure to also get to talk to them in person.

I feel I benefit a lot from the social aspect of conferences and this was no exception. It’s good to be able to meet the people I follow on Twitter in person. Catching up with Andy, Dan and Tim is always a pleasure and I finally got to see one of Stu Robson’s jumpers with my own eyes, although not the Space Invaders one I was looking forward to.

Milton Keynes was actually quite nice, it had a foreign feel about it (it was in England I suppose!) so it was a bit of a shame there wasn’t much time to do some exploring but if there’s a conference there again next year I might be able to do something about that.

For now, though, armed with a huge dollop of inspiration it’s back to work and I really must sort out my garage.

Brendan posted a link on Twitter to the wonderful monsters that Jon drew for his son’s lunchbox

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