Handheld Conference 2013

I’ve just returned from a few days down in Cardiff although not just for the rugby for a change! No, the main attraction was Handheld Conference 2013.

As it said on their website there really was an amazing line up. We had Jeffrey Zeldman, Andy Clarke, Brendan Dawes and Jon Hicks to name just a few serving up a whole load of information and inspiration. The irrepressible Ling Valentine’s talk in a Dalek is something I’m sure we’ll never forget!

Credit to Craig Lockwood and co for pulling out all the stops in putting on a great show. In addition to the speakers there was also a number of additional surprises including a Welsh male voice choir singing “There’ll be a welcome in the hillside” and a delightful message to the industry from Ryan, age 11, and Max, age 8.

The venue was entirely befitting of the day. I’d walked around the Millennium Centre before but hadn’t had the pleasure of being inside. It was an amazing venue and one of which us Welsh can be justifiably proud. It’s just a shame that it appears that it will not host Handheld next year.

I seem to be a bit of a kiss of death for web conferences. No sooner as I visit one it announces at the end that there will be no more! However, the organisers have something up their sleeves and I will be certainly looking forward to finding out more.

Above all, though, it was great to hang around with and make new friends. The cocktails weren’t bad either!

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